Если есть бог, то он в молекулах кокаина

«If I was a flower growing wild and free

All I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee.»

Кто сказал, что морфий-лучшее лекарство? Какая-то буржуазная, пошлость. Даже не красиво на это смотреть. И если спросить, что есть лучшее лекарство, то вопрос однозначный.

It's probably even between MDMA and cocaine, but they have different highs.

Ответ на столько прост, что хочется надеть белую рубашку и завязать галстук. Уже нет серебреных бутылочек, и проколотых бёдер. Сейчас можно отправиться в рай, красиво без грязи, ощущая себя еще человеком.

The thought of MDMA, brings up ethereal sensations. With MDMA, you get a warm sensation that slowly empowers you whole body, personally my vagina feels like it's going to explode. You know just before you're about to orgasm it feels like that all over your body for hours. The worst bit is your eyes will flicker and your will see double or can't open your eyes. 

«Well, I don't know, but I've been told

You never slow down, you never grow old»

Trying cocaine at least once, can be the reason you are still alive. Euphoria takes you to the ultimate high. Nothing can compare. Your body is flashed with intense orgasmic feelings. You become the queen of the world and your own whore. The god exists, and it's in the molecules of cocaine. 

Но существует и дьявол… Метамфетамин..ice

«Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight


Trembling, crawling across my skin.

Feeling your cold dead eyes, stealing the life of mine.


It's the scariest experience of your  life. A thousand needles will go through your skin. It will rape you, rape your soul, rape your body. It will send you in a downwards spiral and you will lose everything and get caught up in begging, stealing and aggressive outbursts, lose your body. I've seen it first hand and it rips your soul out of your chest and shits it all over the walls. 


«All I want is you, will you be my bride

Take me by the hand and stand by my side

All I want is you, will you stay with me?

Hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea.»


Barry Louis Polisar, Breaking Benjamin, Tom Petty, honesty of two fucked up drug users 

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